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“I'm very grateful for the opportunity to practice a clinical model that permits me to take as much time as necessary to really get to know the patient, dig deep into underlying causes and unite all the available information to see the whole picture. With the complexity of health care today I think everyone needs a partner who will 'connect all the diverse data dots' for a comprehensive, detailed view that makes sound scientific sense. That's the basis for a successful treatment plan or health maintenance strategy. Since I believe that the healing arts should not be an ordinary 'business', I'm also grateful to not be obligated to a corporation, only to satisfying the needs of whoever is in my care. It requires constant effort in 'specializing in not specializing' by maintaining a working familiarity with all specialties. This entails approximately 20 hours per week of reading in a wide range of scientific journals (see my Functional Medicine Community blog for monographs written for colleagues and interested patients on emerging scientific findings of practical clinical importance). But since all I have to do is satisfy our patients and keep the doors open month to month, I'm free to take all the time I want to research a problem, update our knowledge, and communicate with authors of scientific papers for clarifications that aid clinical judgment. With these resources we can determine the key unanswered questions in each case anddetermine how to get the answers scienficially--the real basis for a sound treatment plan and compiling the 'owner's manual' for your body.”

Dr. Miller holds the conviction that outcomes are enhanced when a doctor’s practice is an expression of their spiritual life. This does not entail the imposition of any particular religious view or expectation on the patient. Rather, it is service motivated by the intent to help wherever possible while accepting compensation adequate to continue the work, as opposed to a health care ‘business model’ with a core motivation of financial profit. There seems to be a deeper benefit when, as much as possible, the healing arts and spiritual practice are not mixed with a mundane business intent.

Dr. Jonathan Miller, DC is licensedLicense number DC 26903 in California as a chiropractic physician. He graduated in 1979 from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon (now the University of Western States). The decades since have been a continuous course of post–graduate study and training in a multitude of health and healing disciplines both here and abroad, combined with extensive practical clinical experience. “It’s like panning for gold. Most things that look good at first don’t stand the test of time and an honest appraisal of clinical outcomes. But I am inexhaustible in my determination to find what really works.”

Dr. Miller is the founder of Lapis Light Natural Health and a committed practitioner of the Longchen Nyingthig tradition of ‘Tibetan’ Buddhism under the direct instruction, since 1975, of its lineage holder Kyabjé Dodrup Chen Rinpoche. He wears the attire of his tradition. Each year he offers a free clinic at Deorali Chorten Gonpa (Buddhist monastery) in Gangtok, Sikkim.


Kari Darren, Office Manager & Clinical Assistant from Bergen, Norway is adept in the range of skills necessary to help patients fulfill their needs and be successful with their programs. She is a natural foods aficionado, creative cook, world traveler, and in the true Nordic tradition a staunch hiker, paddle-boarder and all-around outdoorswoman.

Please contact the office for timely and cheerful assistance with appointments, medicines and supplements, and other necessities.


See the Lapis Light Functional Medicine Community Blog—an encyclopedic compendium of practical news for clinicians and patients, updated regularly.


Dr. Miller wishes to thank all the many teachers, colleagues, scientists who are so generous with their published papers and personal communications, and patients--an endless source inspiration and insight--from whom he has learned and continues to learn each day.