Can’t therapies become a kind of crutch?

Yes. Anything that takes over a function that your body should be doing for itself can indeed become a ‘crutch’. It diminishes the body’s intrinsic capacity to perform that function. “Use it or lose it.” This is one of the ways that conventional therapies and even natural, ‘bioidentical’ interventions can cause problems in the long run. Except for occasional temporary palliation for acute purposes (such as an actual crutch after an injury), all functional interventions must support and stimulate your body’s ability to do its own job well, without which it may not recover that ability.

Is there a shortcut?

This is it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It depends on your needs and wishes. Every case is unique. We can estimate once there is a realistic picture of what is going on. Naturally a complicated chronic case of many years duration with extensive pathology requires much more than a more recent, less complicated case. The initial preliminary consultation (Contact Us) is without charge. Although formulating a strategy without tests costs less in the short term, it is unsatisfactory and far more expensive in the long run.

How often do I have to come to the office?

Follow-up appointment intervals to review test results and make ‘steering corrections’ can range from one month to one year.

For the unique hands–on neuro-regulating therapy offered here it depends on your needs and wishes, but Dr. Miller has found it to be effective for most problems for which it is indicated with only 15% the number of visits formerly required on average.

Can you help someone who lives too far away to come in person?

Although it is desirable to begin the case in person when possible, many of our patients reside in other states or countries and the consultation is conducted using internet technology that comes close to being in person.

Do I have to follow every single recommendation?

We endeavor to provide the best possible information, insight and recommendations, but also support your personal sovereignty as your own healer, empowered to make your own decisions. We believe deeply in your freedom to make your own choices—that freedom is part of the life force that heals you.

How do I explain to family and friends what you do?

Instead of a ‘try this, try that’ approach (with conventional or alternative treatments), we use science and technology to get reliable data, then ‘connect the dots” to see the whole picture.

Can your approach help with losing weight?

Yes. Healthy body composition (balance of lean mass and fat mass) happens naturally when hormone dysregulation (especially insulin), and metabolic defects are corrected by objectively targeted lifestyle and other corrections.

I want to stay fit, active and aware as I age. Does a functional approach help with that?

It most certainly does. Having a sound strategy to take care of your brain and prevent accelerated neurodegeneration is critical for maintaining healthy function in every system, not to mention the ability to enjoy life. Additionally, hormone regulation must be supported in a physiological manner with objective measurements of hormones in free–fraction form to avoid problems.

Is it necessary to take supplements?

There are four kinds of treatment:

  1. Replace what is lacking
  2. Stimulate for a curative response
  3. Calm what is hyper–aroused
  4. Eliminate what is harmful

If your body is not able to get what it needs from diet and lifestyle factors it has to get it from somewhere. Those needs depend on your genes, your condition, and your environment.

Do you work with insurance?

Regrettably, the functional medicine model that applies science and technology to examine and treat the underlying causes of health problems and support normal function does not correspond to the insurance paradigm constrained by diagnostic labels and a symptomatic standard of care.

Is Dr. Miller open to discussing things I have discovered on my own or learned elsewhere?


Everything comes from a cause. Change the cause, change the result.