Comments from patients.




Patients Speak

"Dr. Miller has been very important to my overall physical health and
wellbeing for the past few years. His holistic and thorough approach has
helped me with some significant issues that I had been struggling with. The
results speak for themselves and I continue to seek his wisdom and guidance
when it comes to my health. What I like most about Dr. Miller is that he doesn’t just treat the symptoms, he gets to the root of the underlying problem."

Anthony, San Rafael, CA

"As both a highly competitive athlete and a business consultant operating in high stress environments, I was consistently impressed by (and appreciative of) Jonathan's unique command of the subtle but significance interactions of the body's physiology - chemically, hormonally, nutritionally - in the blood, body and brain - and how that translates physically, cognitively and emotionally to hinder or enhance my well being. His ability to then distill that into clear, simple, yet powerful treatment options that work in my daily life is a rare and valuable talent - one most of us - even those in "good" health can benefit from. "

S. Spann, Sausalito, CA

"I found Dr. Miller after studying thyroid issues in depth, then
interviewing 8 healthcare practitioners- his approach is sophisticated:
grounded in science and logic and continuous study of the most respected and
recent medical research, as well as informed by deep compassion.
I have been helped greatly by Dr. Miller and refer him to family and friends
when warranted."

S. Sand, Berkeley, CA

"Dr Miller offers a healing oasis where you are listened to and cared for,
with insight, years of medical experience, and compassion.

The office staff is welcoming, accommodating and helpful.

In a world where we are inundated with assaults to our health, Dr Miller can
help keep you resilient. "


"Dr. Miller was very thorough and up to speed on the latest treatments, and
most effective. Definitely not your "burn and churn" commercial medical
business like most of the Western medicine practices are. Very integrative,
and preventative."


George McC., Portola Valley, CA

Ann C., San Francisco, CA

Kathy F., Hillsborough, CA