Somebody has to put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.In my experience, many if not most medicines, supplements and treatments don’t really help very much.

Don’t rely only on symptoms. Symptoms by themselves are not a reliable indicator of real progress or the lack of it. Well chosen tests are an ‘objective third party’ that give us a way to verify the response to treatment and lifestyle changes.

A practitioner with a functional approach must see the whole picture and weigh what is most important. Immune system and inflammation, hormones and neurotransmitters, blood sugar and insulin regulation, metabolism and oxidative stress, environmental toxins and other factors, digestion and microbial ecology, brain and nervous system regulation, structural dysfunction, etc.–if any of these are ignored as potential candidates we are setting the stage for a failed case.

Dr. Miller usually spends at least two hours each work day keeping up with the latest scientific advancements in diagnosis and treatment in a variety of fields.

All functional interventions are ‘genetic response modifiers’. They help turn on the ‘good genes’ and turn off the ‘bad’ ones.

Micro ClinicA fifteen minute ‘brief consultation’ based on the results of a screening blood test performed by Labcorp. Contact us for details.


What’s Really Going On? Diagnostic Tests Utilizing Up–To–Date Technology

A comprehensive personalized case review and examination allow us to determine the key questions that need to be answered about underlying causes. Objective results from dependable scientific tests provide the answers that are the basis for a sound plan. No detail is too insignificant to be taken into account--the more dots we can connect the higher resolution picture we have of the coherent 'web' of functions that must be understood to validate treatment.

Dr. Miller is expert in the use of hundreds of lab tests performed by numerous certified laboratories on specimens that include blood, urine, saliva, and stool.

Dr. Miller will determine with you which few among the manyThe repertoire is continually updated as the science and technology advance. “Up–to–date” here is not a cliché; Dr. Miller is continually innovating based on he emerging science. are the most important for you.

Our functional blood chemistry panelFar more complete than the usual screening blood test, it is performed by Labcorp at a steep discount due to our professional co–op membership. Because Dr. Miller is trained in the use of more precise reference ranges much information is revealed. alone offers a wealth of insight at a discounted cost.

Dr. Miller is also trained and experienced in the use of a variety of clinical testsAll of these are scientifically validated, objective and reproducible. When recommended they give us information that is valuable, cost-effective and unique. available on site that include heart rate variability analysis, electroencephalography, capnography (breathing assessment), bioelectric impedance analysis, and more.

Having first asked the right questions, the tests provide the answers to “what’s not working as well as it should?”, “what are the main causes of my problem?”, “what do I need to do to fix it?”, and “what’s really most important for me to prevent future problems?”.

Cost–Effective Treatments Get Right To The Key Points

Having gotten reliable answers to the “right questions”, we save time and money by treating the causes rather than ‘beating around the bush’ with a ‘try this, try that’ approach.

Biological Therapies

Dr. Miller is trained and experienced in a wide array of therapies Which do you need? How well is it really working? The right investigations and follow–up tests give us the objective answers. encompassing personalized clinical nutrition, orthomolecular, low dose cytokine therapy, low level laser therapy, botanical, homeopathic (single, compound and complex), pharmaconutrition, gemmotherapy, essential oils, integrative care, nitric oxide support and other modalities.

Sensory based peripheral modalities: By re–training the body with sophisticated methods we get results in much less time with far fewer treatments. Dr. Miller is a licensed chiropractic physician who has developed a unique treatment medley These include a unique neurological reflex–based low force chiropractic developed by Dr. Miller, intermittent flexion–distraction applied to the lumbosacral spine, BioCranial Therapy®, visual nervous system entrainment (pRoshi®), auriculotherapy, Pain Neutralization Technique®, Low Level Laser Therapy, and the application of Kinesio–Tape® for trigger point, acupuncture point and autonomic reflex therapy integrated into a unified thirty minute session. to elicit a curative (and deeply relaxing) response from the brain and nervous system.

He has extensive training and experience in cranial therapies and is one of a small number of practitioners who studied BioCranial Therapy personally with Dr. Robert Boyd of Ireland. Phototherapy including infrared super-pulsed low level laser therapy, TENS, PNT (Pain Neutralization Techinque), auriculotherapy, intermittent flexion-distraction therapy, LFMS (low magnetic field stimulation) for depression, and numerous other methods are integrated in patient care. Heel lift management and funcitonal orthotics can also play a crucial role when indicated.

Bio-identical Hormone Management

Safe and effective case management of hormone therapy requires much more than just using bio-identical hormones. Dr. Miller is expert in the comprehensive laboratory analysis of female cycling, per- and post-menopausal, and male hormone regulation and metabolism so that replacement strategies result in healthy physiological levels validated by correct and timely laboratory follow-up to ensure sustainable effectiveness and safety.


If you need something else Dr. Miller will help you find it and integrate The health and healing sciences are a vast ocean of knowledge; one person can only know and do so much. Dr. Miller continually studies the emerging science through numerous journals and professional trainings. When something is best investigated or treated by a practitioner or center with different credentials or resources, or a surgical procedure or other radical intervention may be the best solution, he will help you integrate it. it into the whole picture.

Mind-Body Methods ‘Re-Wire’ Psychological Traits, Habits and Trauma

Dr. Miller is mentored by the psychiatrist Dr. Jerry Epstein in advanced healing imagery, and trained in the Vimala method of transformation of psychological traits through handwriting. He has broad training and experience with neurofeedback What we think and believe has a profound effect on the expression of our genetic potential. Therapies to address the habits and concepts that we form before we can speak must penetrate more deeply than linear, analytic approaches in order to transform deep–seated psychological traits. (‘brain wave’ biofeedback) for which we now arrange EEG recordings and services.


As a Buddhist practitioner for his entire adult life, Dr. Miller is open to discussing the spiritual/existential dimension of healing for individuals who request it.

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