• Do you have a health issue that has not been sufficiently understood and explained in a way you can trust?
  • Have you been trying therapies, conventional or ‘natural’, but don’t know whether they really address the causes of your problem?
  • Are you concerned about the side effects or lack of safety and effectiveness of conventional treatments but don’t know how to find out which natural treatments scientifically address your specific needs?
  • Are you interested in using the most up–to–date scientific technology to reliably find what you need to take care of your health in a holistic manner?
  • Are you interested in ‘mind-body’ medicine but not sure how to prioritize or what will really work best for you?
  • Are you dissatisfied with a fragmented medical model and need a comprehensive, impartial overview that brings all the pieces together?
  • See the Lapis Light Functional Medicine Community blog—a growing compendium of practical news for clinicians and patients, updated regularly; now over 700 easily searched monographs.

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With the complexity of health care today I think everyone needs a partner who will take the time necessary and has the breadth of knowledge to 'connect all the diverse data dots' for a comprehensive, detailed view that makes sound scientific sense. That's the basis for a successful treatment plan or health maintenance strategy.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to practice a clinical model that permits me to take as much time as necessary to really get to know the patient, dig deep into researching underlying causes and unite all the available information to see the whole picture. I also feel that everyone needs a personalized 'owner's manual' for their body based on scientific principles for sound guidance in health and lifestyle choices. Success or failure can hinge on knowing which questions to ask and taking the time to find the answers.

Dr. Miller

We’re glad you’re here, and appreciate your interest in taking care of yourself and others. Since you have found your way to us you are probably the kind of person who wants to have good evidence for any recommended treatment, backed up by objective ‘third-party’ information on why and how things are happening in your body. You also want an objective way to know whether or not things are staying on track. We invite you to refer to our Functional Medicine Community blog which includes over 700 monographs reporting on emerging studies in the medical and scientific literature of practical clinical importance, easily searched for content.

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The BioConscious model of functional medicine IS NOT:

  • An alternative medicine “try this, try that” approach
  • “Non-western” medicine
  • A conventional medicine “try this, try that” approach
  • A form of treatment based on a diagnosis that is a mere label
  • A paternalistic authoritarian model that dictates from above

The BioConscious model of functional medicine IS:

  • More interested in where things come from and why they happen than their name
  • A method that uses the latest technology to objectively determine underlying causes
  • Treatment for underlying causes with objective follow–up to measure results
  • A model that closes the gap between science and clinical practice
  • An approach that encompasses both mind and body
  • A coaching model that informs and supports you in making lifestyle changes and treatment decisions that elicit the best possible expression of your genetic potential

Knowing what you’re doing before you start saves time and money. To get the right answers you have to ask the right questions.